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Welcome to Art Fundamentals!

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Course Objectives: What will we do?

  1. Communicate at a proficient level in the Visual Arts. This includes knowledge and skills in the use of vocabularies, materials, tools and techniques.
    Explore different art media (pencils, paints, pastels, collage, wire, found objects)
    Examine the Elements of Art and Principles of Design (you will know these by heart)
    Learn about art history and why it’s important (and yes, that can be fun)
    Develop an appreciation/eye for everyday beauty (Aesthetics)
    Decide what makes art successful (learn to be an art critic)
    Experiment, investigate, draw, paint, explore, sculpt, carve, glue, examine, fold, measure, collaborate, listen, write, watch, try, and create! (lots of different activities and lessons)